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Remove the covering applied by your tattoo artist after 1-2 hours

Using clean hands Wash your tattoo with an unscented, mild antibacterial soap and warm water

(Do not use a washcloth or towel)

Allow your tattoo to air dry or use a clean paper towel

Apply a very THIN coat of aftercare product to your tattoo (avoid products containing petroleum (it can dry out your tattoo)

Do not re-bandage your tattoo. Tattoos need to breathe in order to heal properly.

Repeat approximately 3 times a day for the first 3-5 days, while your tattoo feels tender.

After applying an aftercare ointment for the first 3-5 days, you can switch to lotion

Avoid lotions that contain perfumes, synthetic pigment, glitter or alcohol

Remember to apply a thin layer of lotion, as over-moisturizing can negatively impact your tattoo.

The initial healing of your tattoo will take up to 2 weeks. During this time you can expect your tattoo to start peeling or flaking in a similar way to a sunburn. Some inked skin may flake away as the tattoo peels, this is entirely normal.

After light peeling, your tattoo will look glassy and feel tight, your tattoo may also have a cloudy look with discolored patches of skin that you will be tempted to peel. Please do not peel, moisturizing does help.

If you follow your tattoo care, you can expect to feel fully healed in 4-6 weeks.

*Do not use Saniderm if you have a sensitivity to adhesives.

Keep the Saniderm on for a minimum of 48 hours, and a maximum of 4-5 days. The longer you are able to keep it on, the more your tattoo will be able to heal while bandaged. 

During this time there will be a buildup of fluid (plasma,ink,blood) underneath the bandage. This is normal and should remain contained within the Saniderm. It may make your tattoo look blurry, it is just the fluid, your tattoo is fine. If it does leak(and the seal between the Saniderm and your skin is broken) remove the bandage and replace or continue to heal with traditional aftercare instructions.

To remove Saniderm-slowly peel-roll the Saniderm up or down, side to side but not away. 

Thoroughly wash tattoo with soap and warm water with clean hands (no washcloth or towels).

Allow to air dry or use a clean paper towel. Moisturize with lotion daily until healed. Apply in thin layers. Avoid lotions that contain perfumes, synthetic pigment, glitter or alcohol.

Avoid sunburn, salt or chlorine water, hot tubs, lakes, rivers etc. until your tattoo is healed. 

+++Seek medical attention your tattoo site becomes infected or painful or if you develop a fever shortly after being tattooed.

Signs of an infection include: -fever, especially over 102F -prolonged or severe pain -redness and swelling -sores that contain or release white or yellow fluid -muscle aches and pain affect the whole body -extreme unquenchable thirst -hard, red, raised bumps or wounds -diarrhea -nausea and vomiting 

+You may be allowed to donate blood within the standard deferral period if you present a copy of your client record provided by Sparrows Nest+